Maximum RNR The Black and White Years

Not to be mistaken for the Holy Bible of punk 'zines, these Toronto, ON stalwarts have undoubtedly earned their moniker with ten years of touring under their road weary belts, followed by a laundry list of past members and trashed venues. This compilation was put together as both a career retrospective and a recent discography showcasing the band's legacy and evolution. From the ferocious growl of premier vocalist Louie Durand on speed rock gems "I Hate the Cold" and "Ire of the Ram" to the gut-busting thrash of "Kill Tom Cruise" and "Welcome to Sodomy," featuring ex-Dayglo Abortions mouthpiece Gymbo Jak during his brief stint with the band, The Black and White Years is a testament to one of Canada's most revered road warriors. This is the epitome of underground rock and luckily for fans new and old, Maximum RNR are still going strong and aren't even close to finishing the path of destruction they've carved. (Independent)