Matthew Good Dropped by Label After Abuse Allegations Surface Online

Warner Music Canada "has seen the recent allegations... and take them very seriously"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 12, 2021

Warner Music Canada has "parted ways" with Matthew Good after allegations of abuse surfaced online earlier this month.

Good was accused of being a "serial abuser" by a former girlfriend, Toronto-area model and music producer Hayley Mather, Global News reports.

Sharing her allegations in an Instagram post made February 3, Mather wrote that she had been in a relationship with the Canadian artist for three years and "was engaged to him for about 6 months."

"Matt Good is a serial abuser," she wrote. "During our relationship, I had been cheated on frequently (unknowingly, except for one occasion in which I regrettably forgave him), constantly lied to, sexually coerced, groomed, emotionally and mentally abused and manipulated."

Mather continued, writing that "Everything that took place was consensual, however, I was told that fulfilling his fantasies were a way to bring our relationship closer together and that it would bring greater intimacy between he and I. It did not bring us closer together."

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In her initial post, Mather wrote that she is "not ready to tell my full story," noting that "years of questioning my own sanity, being gaslighted and manipulated and being told I wasn't enough" led to her "having a mental breakdown and...[taking] a leave from work."

In a separate post, Mather shared an email allegedly sent by Good as a "Last Correspondence" from December 30 of last year. The email reads, in part, "There are a great many things I can quite easily be accused of. And the majority of it is true. But then, you'd have to have lived my life to know why those things exist. I am who I am, which is obviously a pretty fucked up person. You don't have to tell me that."

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Global News notes that Mather claims she has been approached by approximately 12 other women with similar stories of abuse and mistreatment, though the network has been unable to confirm or corroborate the claim at this time.

In response to the allegations, Warner Music Canada shared a statement this afternoon, which reads, "Warner Music Canada has seen the recent allegations against Matthew Good and take them very seriously. We have parted ways with Matthew Good."
Born in Burnaby, BC, Good was formerly the frontman of the Matthew Good Band, one of Canada's most successful alt-rock outfits in the 1990s and 2000s. He began a solo career with 2003's Avalanche and most recently released Moving Walls last year.

In both his music and the press, Good has spoken about his own mental health struggles and bipolar disorder diagnosis. Having informed his 2007 solo LP Hospital Music, Good also spoke about his experiences at TEDxToronto in 2013, delivering a talk called "Balancing mental health and genius."

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