Matthew Good

Moving Walls

BY Jenna AquinoPublished Feb 18, 2020

Canadian singer-songwriter Matthew Good has maintained a prominent place in the industry for more than 20 years, beginning with his days as the iconic frontman for the Matthew Good Band. Following the alt-rock group's disbandment in 2001, he kicked off his career as a solo artist with his 2003 album Avalanche.
His discography showcases an admirable willingness to experiment with his sound, playing with the boundaries between acoustic, alternative and folk rock in albums like 2004's White Light Rock & Roll Review, 2011's Lights of Endangered Species, Something Like a Storm in 2017 and more.
His latest full-length project, Moving Walls, largely embraces the weighty, melancholy nature of the folk realm, exploring themes associated with the darker parts of loving someone, and recognizing where the "beauty in the struggle" lies, as Good's ballad "Beauty" emphasizes.
Two of Good's most recent singles, "Sicily" and "Selling You My Heart" appear on the 15-track album; most are relatively plaintive and downbeat, with the exception of a few that showcase Good's characteristically buoyant and heartening rhythms, including "Sicily," "Your Rainy Sound" and "A Momentary Truth." It also features Good's first French language song, "Lumiére Noire," which emanates a poetic "black light for eternity."
The entirety of the album demands emotion, especially in moments where Good strikes a powerful balance between his delicate picking patterns and the sublime swelling of a string section. While the sheer number of sombre songs make it a rather dreary listen, its thought-provoking lyrics make it worthwhile and an ideal match for the introspective spirit.

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