Master P Good Side / Bad Side

This is the stuff that gives hip-hop a bad name among conservative white folks. Master P and his No Limit crew and record label (now dubbed the New No Limit since floundering and getting bought out by Koch) have built an entertainment empire on producing gangsta rap that worships money, glorifies violence and degrades women at every turn. It’s the kind of stuff frightened parents hide their children from. But if they only knew how funny this stuff actually is, maybe they’d think twice. The cheesy design and paper-thin concepts behind No Limit’s "art” has been the fodder of heads since it first emerged — Kool Keith even mimicked No Limit’s design scheme on his 1999 Dr. Dooom album, First Come, First Served. Good Side / Bad Side, Master P’s first release in three years and tenth so far, is a double "concept” album where P explores the two sides of his not-so-multifaceted personality. Judging from all that P expresses here, the only difference between the two is that his bad side is a little sleazier sometimes. The limited edition comes with a DVD housing P’s almost-feature-length film of the same name, which is truly worthless viewing at its finest. (Koch)