The New Elite

BY Kiel HumePublished Aug 14, 2012

Master are back with another brutal record of not-quite-death-but-definitely-decomposing thrash metal. In case you don't know Master, they're helmed by metal guru Paul Speckmann, whose rap sheet stretches back into the early '80s, including founding or playing with Warcry, Death Strike and Martyr. What can you expect from Master's 11th full-length? Well, the band aren't called Master without reason — everything here is classic high-period thrash, on par with some of Megadeth's best. Master show that they're in tune with a changing world and The New Elite is an overtly politicized record. The New Elite's new elite is exactly what you might expect: a condemnation of the class inequalities brought to light by the collapse of the U.S. housing market, the Occupy Movement and other recent world events. This kind of material works well for Master, whose attitude has always been closer to punk rock social consciousness than gore-core traditional death metal. Songs like "The New Elite," "Rise Up and Fight" and "New Reforms" show a band engaging their audience on a political level and making a statement while still making the kind of heavy music that shreds like shrapnel.

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