Slaves To Society

BY Keith CarmanPublished Sep 22, 2008

Why Chicago’s Master are so constantly overlooked in the history of death metal is a tragic mystery. Having influenced the likes of Napalm Death, Death and the entire Swedish onslaught since their inception in 1983, they are far more deserving of attention than what they’ve received. Latest full-length Slaves To Society is a confirmation that these guys are just as brutal, innovative and important as they were on 1985 effort Fuckin’ Death. Still evoking the atmosphere of early Celtic Frost and Venom, Slaves To Society is a pummelling bout of brutally guttural death metal heavy on imposing mood, one-note riffing and galloping drum beats. One need listen only to "Beaten For The Possibility” to understand where Slayer managed to pull their fury and organized chaos from over the past few years. Sinister and unrelenting, Slaves To Society’s forceful primitiveness injects new life into the decaying world of death metal.
(Ibex Moon Records)

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