​Massey Hall Restoring Nearly 100 Stained Glass Windows

​Massey Hall Restoring Nearly 100 Stained Glass Windows
Iconic Toronto venue Massey Hall is currently undergoing a massive two-year restoration, and it appears that the work will now include restoring almost 100 stained glass windows.
The windows were part of the original 1894 building, which was designed by Sidney Badgley (who frequently designed churches). In the 1990s, though, the glass windows were boarded up in an effort to further soundproof the building as the street became more built up.
As CTV reports, the boarding up caused extreme damage to the stained glass windows, not to mention creating a lot of dirt and grime.
Another challenge facing the restorers is the colour changes in the glass panels as a result of sun damage; many of the original windows were tinted using lead paint, so it could prove difficult to match colours with a safer alternative.
The massive undertaking will be the shared responsibility of two Toronto firms, EGD Glass and Vitreous Glassworks.
As previously reported, Massey Hall is in the midst of a multiphase revitalization project that will include adding additional upper and lower level live music venues to the existing concert hall. The project will span seven years in total, though the venue is expected to re-open to the public in late 2020.