Mariel Buckley

Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB, February 26

Photo: Ryan Kostel

BY Anna AlgerPublished Feb 27, 2016

Mariel Buckley took to the stage in casual style last night, despite being one of the most anticipated acts of the evening. Having been featured on CKUA and CBC's "Key of A" in the wake of her last release, Motorhome, Buckley has been making waves in the province. "Don't call me sweetheart, don't call me darling," Buckley sang, her voice full of attitude as she set the tone of her performance. She strummed an acoustic guitar and was accompanied by bass and an electric guitar, which fleshed out her sound.
The charming country music Buckley and her band performed focused on relationships, although she did switch gears at one point, singing about her friends who had went to work in the oil patch straight out of high school. "Workin' Man" was a stark view of that world, with Buckley singing of binge drinking and repeating the line, "I'm gonna die with nothing to show." Buckley's clear vocals shone with honesty and a touch of darkness, establishing her as an original and confident voice on the alt-country scene.

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