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Fabric Presents Maribou State

BY Ashley HampsonPublished Mar 27, 2020

After hitting its 100th release, what began as the Fabric Series — mixes by DJs and producers that often reflected their live set lists — has evolved into Fabric Presents, a continuation of the iconic original with a few changes thrown in. Notably, artists chosen for Fabric Presents will represent a broader musical spectrum than previous Fabric mixes.
Enter Maribou State. Having regularly attended DJ Hype's True Playaz night at Fabric as teenagers, the early introduction into club culture invariably cemented and shaped their exploration of electronic music in the years that followed. What the UK duo have brought to this mix is the build-up experienced before reaching the club, the build-up of the journey.
They settle right in with indie-alt courtesy of Nick Hakim ("Cuffed") and North Downs ("Settle Down"), but the mix quickly transitions into funk, followed by disco, which is where it loses its momentum. The section culminates with "Je Vulesse" by Nu Guinea, a disco-funk track that just doesn't sit right, and awkwardly and abruptly jumps into Oriyin's funk-house release, "Roll the Dice."
It's this move into house and electronic that really kicks the album up and smoothly introduces the throbbing drums and grainy samples on Botany's "Wednesday Night Oct 28 2015," arguably one of the best songs of the mix. The beats get thicker and headier further along, with the multi-instrumentation musings of Julien Dyne bumping up against classic house with "I Still Love You" by Long Island Sound, and two new Maribou State tracks ("Mother" and "Strange Habits," the latter a thickly layered, percussive feat) bookending their synth-heavy remix of Radiohead's "Reckoner."
While Fabric Presents Maribou State has its moments of questionable genre swings and iffy transitions, it's still a fabulous addition to the new Fabric series.

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