Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System Live

Franco-Espanol Renaissance man and musical revolutionary Manu Chao leads an intense life and makes music that is no less demanding. On what sometimes seems an endless tour, Chao and his entourage bring world beat fervour and leftwing socio-political activism to communities around the globe. This live album, the band's second in as many years, is relentless in both its breadth of global influences and its almost non-stop onslaught of unwavering music. There is barely a silent section on the album, as songs are spliced side by side. The Sound System performs lightening changes between multicultural and multilingual styles and moods and seems to master everything they attempt effortlessly. Up-tempo ska makes way for dancehall toasting ("Welcome to Tijuana”/”El Viento”), Franco-Espanol rock mixes with all manner of Latin and Caribbean rhythms, forming a fusion of flamenco, reggae, salsa, kumbias, Latin alternative, rap and rock. Live includes previous hits for Chao and his earlier band, Manu Negra (especially the immensely popular "Bongo Bong”), as well as unreleased material. The pace and excitement of the album goes a long way to recreating the circus atmosphere Manu Chao's live shows are known for. (Virgin)