Manifesto Jukebox Desire

It’s perplexing when bands such as Snuff, Leatherface and Hot Water Music constantly continue to gain momentum and notoriety in the public eye, yet Manifesto Jukebox, a band of equal proportions from Finland, remains relatively anonymous. Here is a band that is pure musical gold, a real wonder wall of guitars and social and political conscience. A band that could have given Hüsker Dü a run for their money and made others run for cover in fear of trying to compete with their musical wizardry and lyrical power. It’s phenomenal how this three-piece band can sound so monumental, and how their guitars cascade down around you like a waterfall. If you have to, travel to the far reaches of the planet to obtain this quintessential release. Desire should have been on a few top ten lists for 2001, yet like so many other great bands, they seem to have been lost in the shuffle of better promotion. (Does Everyone Stare)