Manifesto Jukebox Manifesto Jukebox

Another dose of Manifesto Jukebox, Finland’s best kept secret, never hurt anyone. This time out the Hüsker Dü/Leatherface-inspired trio have transferred two previously released seven-inch records onto CD for those too unfortunate to own a turntable. And similar to their two previous full-length releases, this CD is an excellent continuation in the Manifesto Jukebox library. One listen to the song, "A Good Sport,” will send instant chills and sweat down the spine and turbulent rumblings to the stomach, but in a joyous deflowering sort of way. The reason being is that if any band could have been able to add a song to Hüsker Dü’s landmark album Zen Arcade, it should have been Manifesto Jukebox and that song. (Boss Tuneage)