Manifesto Jukebox Remedy

Marking the return of the Finnish kings of punching melodies and distorted punk is Remedy, their superb sophomore effort. Immediate thoughts on this release will bring Leatherface and Hot Water Music to mind, however, this trio probably has more in common with Hüsker Dü than the aforementioned artists. Just imagine the aggressive driving power of Everything Falls Apart or Zen Arcade mixed up with something uniquely Manifesto Jukebox and there lays Remedy. Moreover, even though the production and sound is better than on their debut, Desire, the calibre of music contained on the CD is as consistently great as that first album. It'd be a definite chore to try to distinguish which of the two albums stands apart from the other. Furthermore, when one is tired of reading lyrics about stupid, petty fluff, it's nice to know that Manifesto Jukebox is there to turn to with their insightful social commentary. (BYO)