The Mahones The Black Irish

Early on, Canadian Celtic-punk band the Mahones never expected to make a career out of singing. Starting off as a St. Patrick's Day party band in 1990, they went from a onetime act to a veteran group whose new album, The Black Irish, retains the sound and energy from all their previous records. From the chaotic opening of the drinking-inspired "A Great Night on the Lash" to the last few sounds of "Here Comes a Regular," this album is a fusion of modern punk and traditional Irish folk that feels all too familiar. The Mahones have never been serious with their music ― with each new release expressing the love of drinking and partying ― yet each track sounds similar to one another. While this could be considered a negative, the tracks are so enjoyable that it's hard to criticize the album. Yes, it sounds like a nostalgic trip through all their other efforts, but the record's main purpose is to entertain and in that context, the album is perfect. (True North)