Madvillain "Avalanche" / "Victory Lap"

Madvillain 'Avalanche' / 'Victory Lap'
Madvillain's sophomore album is like an underground rap version of Dr. Dre's Detox: years have gone by with the promise of its existence, but no tangible release has ever presented itself. Now, the label heads at Stones Throw have got us licking our chops once again with samples of two new Madvillain tracks, "Avalanche" and "Victory Lap."

With a combined running time of 1:48, the samples are frustratingly brief, but they do suggest that Madvillain will be on top of their game if this album ever comes out. DOOM is spitting well-thought rhymes like it's 2004 while Madlib provides soulful, yet vaguely mysterious, beats. This better not be a frustrating tease, guys.

Samples of both tracks kick off Stones Throw's recent Stones Throw 2011 Podcast, mixed by label boss Peanut Butter Wolf. In addition to the Madvillain exclusives, the 50-minute mix features new material from Madlib, MED, Dam-Funk, James Pants and many others.

Check out the full tracklisting below and pick up the Stones Throw 2011 Podcast here. You can download just "Avalanche" / "Victory Lap" here courtesy of  Gorilla vs. Bear.

Madvillain - "Avalanche" & "Victory Lap"
Madlib - two from Rock Konducta
MED - "Even Though" & "Play with You"
Dam-Funk ft. GT - "Rest in Peace"
Dam-Funk - "I Wanna Do Some Things Wit U"
Steve Arrington - "Good Feeling & Higher"
Jonti Dan AKA Danimals - "Hornets Nest" & "Christmas Worm"
The Stepkids - "Shadows on Behalf" & "La La"
James Pants - "Kathleen" & "Beta"
Vex Ruffin - "Walking Sideways" & "Avalanche"
Myron & E - "Let Me See You Do It" & "On Broadway"
CX Kidtronik ft. Jon Wayne - "The Buddykrak"
CX Kidtronik ft. 4 5th - "She's A Murderer"
J. Rocc - "Rocchead's Delight" & "Supersound"
Anika - "Terry" & "No One's There"
Mayer Hawthorne - "Drums (Demo)"
Bryant K Steward - "Daisy's Grow"
Unknown Artist - "Same Thing Tomorrow"