M.I.A. "Poc That Still a Ryda" (video)

M.I.A.   'Poc That Still a Ryda' (video)
As we wait for M.I.A. to deliver the details behind her next album, the artist has offered up new music in the form of a video. You can sample her summer swagger via new tune "Poc That Still a Ryda."

In an online chat through Periscope, the musician reported that the track "Poc That Still a Ryda" is like "a mix of all the songs on my upcoming LP." The cut quakes with a big boom and M.I.A.'s custom wordplay, which salutes pirates, MC Hammer and Thriller-period Michael Jackson, among other things.

The video, which you'll find below, presents a desert scene of horses galloping alongside a brigade of jeeps.

As previously reported, M.I.A. recently tweeted that she handed in a "last LP" to Interscope. It's unclear at present time if she means it's the last album for the major label, or of her career. Either way, the full-length is expected to drop this July.