Lykke Li "Love Out of Lust"

Lykke Li 'Love Out of Lust'
Lykke Li fans have been treated to a whole host of goodies since the Swedish singer announced her new album Wounded Rhymes late last year. If you thought the free ride was over, guess again. Li has offered up a stream of third single "Love Out of Lust" for her devoted.

It's a bit different than what we've heard before. Instead of the sexual tribal thump of "Get Some" or the moody dance vibe of "I Follow Rivers," this latest tune taps the performer's larger-than-life tendencies. Deep timpani thuds and fluttery pan flutes score the massive-sounding cut, playing out like some sort of Lion King-era anthem for the stadium set. Just close your eyes and picture people waving their lighters and lit-up cellphones above their heads at your local arena.

Li's vocal turn on the cut is, as always, super smooth and adorable. Check out the song below.

As previously reported, Wounded Rhymes drops March 1 on her LL Recordings.

Lykke Li - Love Out Of Lust by LykkeLi