Interstellar Rodeo, Edmonton AB, July 28

Photo: Levi Manchak

BY Levi ManchakPublished Jul 29, 2019

The programming for the final day of Interstellar Rodeo was far more Rodeo than Interstellar, with the schedule dominated by country, folk and roots artists. The festival's unique crafting of pace and programming are commendable; that said, it may have been Lucius's first Rodeo, but they have been Edmonton Folk Fest favourites in previous years.
Flanked by a neon sign bearing their name, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius donned the stage in matching orange robes that struck a cult-like image. If they were passing out pamphlets, it would have seemed worth picking one up after hearing the first few notes of their sonorous harmonies.
Symmetry is at the core of Lucius. Wolfe and Laessig don't appear live without matching clothes, haircuts or presumably, psychic musical intuition. They share a single, centre-stage mic that serves to emanate their mirrored voices across large festival grounds. In their Interstellar Rodeo debut, they transcended their striking look as they sang a mix of songs from 2018's Nudes album, as well as material from previous records. At the same time hypnotizing and communal, Lucius were especially fitting for a Sunday afternoon.

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