Look Vibrant The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 15

Look Vibrant The Garrison, Toronto ON, February 15
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
Playing one of the fest's two late-night sets, Montreal quartet Look Vibrant were faced with a half-full venue, but managed to turn just about everyone left at the Garrison into a convert.
Mashing day-glo pop and post punk, opener "I'm a Miracle" set a high bar for the night. When the group's guitar, bass and keyboard player sang together in the song's chorus, the band felt unstoppable. That they carry themselves with the frenetic energy of early Franz Ferdinand didn't hurt, either.

Not everything was as sublime as the opener, but the group's enthusiasm was palpable and they kept the energy up throughout their short set. Officially a duo, it's hard to believe the group's rhythm section are essentially hired guns. Barely into their 20s, Look Vibrant perform like veterans, ploughing through their set with a slickness that belied the age of its members and the band itself.