​Lizzo Accused of Plagiarizing "Juice"

Cece Peniston claims it borrows from her 1992 song "Finally"
​Lizzo Accused of Plagiarizing 'Juice'
Photo: Carrie Musgrave
Lizzo has been accused of plagiarism once again, this time for her song "Juice."
The track appeared on her 2019 album Cuz I Love You, and it has now been called out for lifting parts of the song "Finally" by Cece Peniston.
Peniston herself shared the accusations on Instagram over the weekend, posting a video that showcases both her own tune and Lizzo's "Juice."
The sections in question hear Peniston singing "Yeah yeah yeah yeah" repeatedly, while Lizzo sings "Ya ya yee, ya ya yee."
Some people in the comments have called it a stretch, claiming the songs share different melodies, beats and lyrics — or at least that anyone is allowed to sing any variation of the word "yes."
Others, though, have leapt to Peniston's defence, with prominent names like India Arie commenting: "I thought she interpolated it intentionally and paid you for it."
It's unclear if Peniston has taken legal action yet, but some have pointed out in the comments that while she may have a case for proving that Lizzo was familiar with her song because it was a hit in 1992, it's unlikely that it would pass the "striking similarity" standard. Keep in mind these are people in Instagram comment sections, though, not legal experts.
It's not the only plagiarism allegation publicly leveled at Lizzo this month. She was recently accused of plagiarizing the opening line of "Truth Hurts" — for the second time.
See Peniston's comparison video of "Finally" and "Juice" below.