Livid Daylong Apathy

Livid have perfected the sound was once called "alternative." Although Daylong Apathy doesn't break new ground, this band knows how to rock. The driving lead guitar and drums on tracks such as "Reassurance" makes this EP a pleasure to listen to. Livid has taken the current "sound" and given it a bit of a twist, with a bit of a mellow, softer feel to some of the tracks. Although a few tracks have a sort of low budget sound, the quality of the playing makes you forget it. For a relatively young Manitoba band, they show a lot of promise and versatility in their playing and they're likely to attract the attention of a lot of kids. Although the heavy rock'n'roll wailing that permeates most of Daylong Apathy is bound to get a few heads bopping, the personal favourite is the trippy, Middle Eastern feel of "Loss For Words," a track that highlights the individual skills of the band members due to its mellow, quiet vibe. Admittedly, Daylong Apathy isn't the best local effort. It is, however, one of the most ambitious and possibly the most likely to succeed. Livid is likely to pop up on a radio station near you. (Independent)