Lisa Loeb

Hello Lisa

BY Brent HagermanPublished Feb 1, 2003

Supposedly, Lisa Loeb signed with Artemis to get creative control over her work. Surprisingly, however, there is nothing on Hello Lisa that would be out of place on a major label release. But really, that is Loeb's niche: indie credibility with a crossover sound. Having Dweezil Zappa co-write and co-produce many of the album's tracks obviously helps with the cred, even if his contributions reveal little of his lineage. Loeb is assuredly a fine writer, and even producer, but the promise of a creative leap is seemingly beyond the scope of this very safe album. And if a leap is needed, maybe Loeb should take a look at putting at least one song on the next album that isn't confined by the claustrophobic world of the "I" ("I did that," "I am the underdog," "What am I supposed to say?"). Introspective? Sure. Introverted? You bet. Inspired? Not really. Influential? Not on your life.

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