Lil Tecca

We Love You Tecca

BY Clayton TomlinsonPublished Sep 4, 2019

Lil Tecca's first mixtape will not have anyone saying they love him. This due to many factors, but is mainly attributable to a near-total lack of lyrical content. Despite this, Tecca's great voice is the only reason to pay attention at all — he blends singing and rapping in an Atlanta flow in the vein of Young Thug, and his offspring, Lil Baby and Gunna. And Tecca will likely be better than those last two, given some life experience.
Not everyone can pull a Nas and release an amazing album at a very young age; very few really have ever pulled this off. Tecca's We Love You Tecca demonstrates why: there is no storytelling, no image will be put into the listener's brain, no emotion elicited, not even a fist will be bumped — except for maybe when listening to the tape's opener. "Ransom."
The issue, the main one, is that every song sounds like Tecca's ginormous hit; they are all about how Tecca's not like other people despite always carrying around "two glocks" with his "Chanel or Balenciaga," "Louis and Vuitton," "Fendi," and "Prada." He also talks about how much sex he's having — a guy who Wikipedia says was born in 2002.
So, Lil Tecca — rapper, singer, beat mauler, and potential scion to that great Atlanta sound — released a bad album. A very bad one. But give him a year or two and some hard work at his craft, and he could be one of the hottest artists around, a honest-to-goodness star.

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