​Lil Nas X Wants to Collaborate with Fiona Apple

​Lil Nas X Wants to Collaborate with Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple recently called out Lil Nas X for not delivering royalties after sampling one of her songs, but there doesn't really seem to be any bad blood — in fact, Lil Nas X just suggested working together for his next album.

As previously reported, Apple light-heartedly demanded payment for Lil Nas X's use of "Every Single Night" in his track "Kim Jong." The song appeared on his pre-"Old Town Road" mixtape Nasarati, which got pulled offline when he signed a deal with Columbia.
"Where's my money, you cute little guy?" she asked. And now Lil Nas X has finally responded, tweeting out his hopes for a real collaboration with Apple.
Sadly, the tweet was mostly met with gifs of Fiona from Shrek and Apple fans asking Lil Nas X if he's paid her yet.
Lightening the mood, however, one Twitter user suggested that Lil Nas X and Apple should start by hanging out together with their Bernese mountain dogs.
Apple has since clarified that she doesn't think Lil Nas X even knew it was her song he used, and that she doesn't actually want him to pay her money. "I was just being cute and playful and it didn't come off like that," she said in a video posted to Tumblr.