Lil Nas X Shares His First Song That Isn't "Old Town Road"

Hear "Panini" from his new '7 EP'
Lil Nas X Shares His First Song That Isn't 'Old Town Road'
Lil Nas X's mega-viral pop/rap/country tune "Old Town Road" has won over just about everyone, but despite the ridiculous times we live in, an artist needs more than one song to thrive. As such, the performer is releasing a new min-release called the 7 EP tomorrow (June 21), and today we get a taste with "Panini."

The song is certainly primed to be another earworm, but it's not as much of a genre-blending outlier as "Old Town Road." Instead, it's a trap-inflected pop song with whistling and autotune. That said, it also interpolates a melody from Nirvana.

Speaking with Zane Lowe, the performer explained that "Panini" was actually the first song he ever recorded in a real studio. 

"'Old Town Road' wasn't done in a professional studio, that's the thing," he said. "It was never even mixed and mastered. Like the song that you hear today, it's not mixed or mastered. That's from the $20 bucks I paid the rough mix. It was crazy, but it's like everything else, like lately in my life."

Listen to "Panini" below. 

7 EP come out tomorrow and also includes a collaboration with Travis Barker.