Lil Mama "Lip Gloss"

Lil Mama 'Lip Gloss'
In an age where kids are growing up faster and experimenting with sex, drugs, violence and who knows what else, it’s pretty damn refreshing to see a hip-hop artist defy the norm and deliver a hot single about lip gloss, of all things! Lil Mama (aka Niatia Jessica Kirkland) is a pint-sized 18-year-old who comes from a family of 13 in Brooklyn and, believe it or not, acts her age. Well, maybe even a bit younger considering she’s a legal adult now. What’s impressive though is how this girl developed her skills through poetry and dance, and evolved into a hot-steppin’ rapper as a logical next step considering her dad is connected to the music industry. She admits her music is for her mom to dance and listen to, which is pretty sweet, actually, but clean, fun music only goes so far before it either expires or reinvents itself. "Lip Gloss” is the kind of contemporary, carefree schoolyard jam that can speak to kids, get people dancing and sell cosmetics (notice the shout outs to MAC and L’Oreal). The foot-stompin’n’clappin’ hybrid beat is killer too, with the same vivacious intensity as Kelis’s "Milkshake.” That said, it unavoidably carries the novelty tag thanks to the superficial subject matter; it must be asked: who the hell actually wears lip gloss these days? Seven-year-olds trying to be adults. But it’s no doubt a cool, unused product with retro cred and visual presence that rules the video. Extra gold stars awarded for Mama’s diva flow, spitting a chorus that adorably points to her locker and how all the boys keep stoppin’, as well as the last verse’s bit about her principal’s jonesin’ for some of that poppin’ gloss.

And here’s what we learn from the "Lip Gloss” video:

1) Lip gloss can transform you from geek to chic.
3) Lip gloss can earn you the title of class president.
4) Lip gloss can make you jump higher with a skip rope.
5) Lip gloss can magically give you an entire new wardrobe.

Lil Mama-Lip Gloss

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