Lil B "Murder Rate"

Lil B 'Murder Rate'
"No Black Person is Ugly," the last new song we heard from Lil B the Based God, was one of the most positive he ever released. Perhaps in direct opposition to that, he's adopted a violent thug persona for his new song "Murder Rate."

The track's a club-ready banger built on clicking drums and brash, aggressive synths from producer Mr. Collipark. Lil B takes on a terrifying, aggressive approach to rapping, delivering questionable and threatening lines like "if you don't twerk we gonna up the murder rate" while professing his love for guns. Some YouTube commenters are already saying the song isn't Based.

Then, toward the end, Lil B starts calling for all murderers to be freed, as well as saying "free Africa," "free Palestine," "free North Korea" and many others.

It's a strange, potentially offensive song to be sure, but it's another puzzle piece in the complex output of the Based God. If you're up for it, listen to "Murder Rate" below.