Lightning Bolt Announce 'Sonic Citadel' LP, Reissue Campaign

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 1, 2019

Untouchable Providence, RI, noise rock duo Lightning Bolt have finally announced plans for a follow-up to 2015's Fantasy Empire

The new album, their seventh overall, is called Sonic Citadel. It will be released on Thrill Jockey on October 11.

According to the label, the release will be Lightning Bolt's most pop-oriented affair to date. Apparently, Brians Gibson and Chippendale have "done the daring, stripping away some of the distortion mask to reveal the naked pop forms as never before. Their relentless energy, inventiveness and, unrestrained joy still drive their songs, pulling you in and compelling you to bounce and yes, even sing along."

The label is also set to start reissuing the band's back catalogue on vinyl, starting with the rerelease of 2003's Wonderful Rainbow on August 23.

Sonic Citadel:

1. Blow to the Head
2. USA Is a Psycho
3. Air Conditioning
4. Hüsker Dön't
5. Big Banger
6. Halloween 3
7. Don Henley in the Park
8. Tom Thump
9. Bouncy House
10. All Insane
11. Van Halen 2049


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