Lickgoldensky LickGoldenSky

It’s always been the artists who truly don’t give a fuck about pleasing anyone but themselves that make the best art and LickGoldenSky truly don’t give a fuck. Evolving away from the pulverising wallop of their debut, Enjoy Terror, and the more abrasive malevolence of their last release, The Beautiful Sounds Of, LickGoldenSky have taken a turn for the peculiar with their self-titled debut for Level Plane. Vocally, singer Alexander Lesher has switched up his decimating scream with a clean warble somewhere in between Jello Biafra, David Yow and Chi Pig. It can come dangerously close to Serj Tankian from System Of A Down, at times, but his scream is as powerful, if not as abrasive, as before. The experimental nature of bands like the Melvins are inspirations now (including some brief electronic segues), and some tracks recall a strange melding of At The Drive-In and the Jesus Lizard (track three, there are no song titles included), with languid, echo-y riffing and a meandering pace. LGS can still bring the ruckus, mixing it in with their newfound avant feel in a way that recalls their debut more than the destruction of The Beautiful Sounds Of. Unquestionably destined to throw the close-minded, LickGoldenSky are pushing their musical envelope, despite the occasional misstep. (Level Plane)