Lickgoldensky The Beautiful Sounds Of

If adversity breeds greatness, Lickgoldensky are on their way to truly legendary status. Constant line-up misfortunes (including switching singers right after initially recording the first version of what would become this release) and album problems notwithstanding (including re-recording the whole project at one point), The Beautiful Sounds Of is a caustic blend of all that is musically malevolent, brutally ugly and unrepentantly abrasive. With the ex-Turmoil alumni now just down to guitarist Jamie Getz, Lickgoldensky’s sound has grown increasingly ragged, violent and confrontational, loosely based in its hardcore pedigree, if at all, and incorporating more sped-up sludge animosity and hardcore punk ferocity, along with the loose but intricate playing. Although new vocalist Alexander T’s voice isn’t as distinct as his predecessor’s, and there is nothing as musically immediate or grabbing as "Enjoy Terror,” from their Hawthorne Street debut of the same name, The Beautiful Sounds Of is incendiary in its malicious abuse, focused by Alexander’s utterly destroyed vocals and Getz’s guitar-driven histrionic hatred. Shades of Buzzov*en, Melvins, Eyehategod, along with ’80s hardcore crust punk colour this sadistic release, and at barely 22 minutes it’s a quick beating, but not one you’ll soon walk away from. (Escape Artist)