Lickgoldensky Enjoy Terror

Lickgoldensky will undoubtedly garner attention from the hardcore scene as, if I'm not mistaken, it's the first band to emerge from the flaming wreckage of metal/noisecore megalomaniacs Turmoil. Featured within are the chops of Jamie Getz and Jonathan Hodges, and this is what the kids will be salivating over, when in reality they should be kacking in their knickers over the undiluted brilliance that is the title track. Imagine Coalesce being brutalised by Harley Flanagan, Steve Albini and Rob Wrong (NoMeansNo) and you have it, and it kicks in your head and pulverises your brain in less than two minutes. Not to say that "Enjoy Terror" is the only highlight of Enjoy Terror, as there are many highlights herein, with the band exploiting the fact they have complete Melvins and Deadguy discographies and demonstrates the ability to pull off some storming songs using that pedigree. Most tracks are short, sharp jabs of thunderous hardcore complete with jagged stops and starts and a whole lot of Voivod-ish guitar work. And if you're not into any of that, might I direct your attention to the intro to "Jon Benet Rodman?" (Hawthorne Street)