Liar's Academy Demons

The sophomore release from the Liars Academy showcases some pretty generic rock. It lacks any special quality that other bands have to give listeners a warm, furry feeling inside. Ryan Shelkett’s vocals are typically whiny while he moans out tales of despair and regret in all the glory that the verse-chorus-verse formula can offer. The songs are all epic in length and do nothing to conjure any interest. The entire album goes by practically unnoticed because it’s way too easy to tune out and turn it off. This band’s attempt at the standard rock approach — dirty guitars and the mating of hoarse singing and whining — only comes off as flat, boring and superficial. Take any ten bands that get excessive airplay for reasons that people with any sense of taste will never understand, and the Liars Academy will sum them all up. The whole album is terribly bland and ineffective. (Equal Vision)