Liar's Academy Demons

By all mathematical reasoning, Liars Academy should not have a career. They should be relegated to that awkward place between indie credibility and mainstream success, unable to break into either market for long enough to make any kind of impression. With a distinct lack of edge to their melodic rock songs, the band seem like unlikely candidates for any kind of accomplishment. Sure, Ryan Shalkett was in Cross My Heart, but that was a long time ago. So why is it, then, that Liars Academy is so incredibly good? Having released a full-length and an EP prior to this release, the band have continued and will continue to gather dedicated fans through their simple rock’n’roll music. Perhaps it is the way they play — the laid-back honesty of Shalkett’s vocal delivery, the complementary guitar work of Fred Fritz, and the solid rhythmic punch of bassist Chris Camden and drummer Evan Tanner. For whatever reason, Liars Academy get away with playing very simple music by making it sound like something truly special. (Equal Vision)