Liam Gallagher Is Fighting with a Manchester Pub over Trackpants

Liam Gallagher Is Fighting with a Manchester Pub over Trackpants
In what might be the most British beef of all time, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is currently embroiled in a public spat with a Manchester pub over a pair of trackpants (or, as he calls them, "tracky bottoms"). 

As he always does, Gallagher took to his Twitter to lambast his enemy last week. In this case, it was the Elizabethan in Heaton Moor. The pub allegedly denied entry to his brother Paul for wearing "tracky bottoms." He added that they won't let you in "if you ain't got a Gucci bath robe on and fucking wot." 

Since Gallagher put the pub on blast, an investigative journalist from the Manchester Evening News [via NME] decided to put the Elizabethan to the test. She attended the pub in some tracky bottoms of her own, but didn't get in trouble.

As such, she decided to follow up with the pub's manager Hugh Smyth. He explained that the dress code was part of their plan to turn the pub around. "When we took over we bought a pub with a few issues. It was known as the worst pub in the area, but now it's one of the best," Smyth said. "You need a tool to work with, and I think it's pretty standard practice at pubs to ask for no sportswear. It can be hard to enforce, but you've got to try and keep it."

He added, "It's mainly an issue with quite visual sportswear, tracksuits with the stripes down, that kind of thing. Ninety-nine percent of people aren't wanting to cause any trouble, and most people are happy to abide by the dress policy. We wouldn't be so busy if they weren't happy would we?"

Smyth is correct. The Evening News reached out to a handful of locals, all of whom thought Gallagher was on the wrong side of the tracky bottom dispute. 

"Good on the pub for sticking to their rule," said Michael Openshaw. "Shouldn't go out in tracksuit bottoms and expect to be taken seriously. Doesn't matter who you think you are."

Kerry Eaton added, "Rules are rules whether you're famous or not. Pop home and change like the rest of us do or nip to the shop and buy a pair of jeans or trousers. Well done that staff member."

Further, Tim Workman said, "Well done to the staff at the Elizabethan. But the question that needs to be answered is who the hell goes out for a night out in trackies?"

The Gallagher brothers, that's who.