​Leonard Cohen Exhibition to Open in Montreal

​Leonard Cohen Exhibition to Open in Montreal
The Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) will host an extensive exhibition honouring the work and legacy of Leonard Cohen next year.
Leonard Cohen – Une brèche en toute chose (which translates as A Crack in Everything) will open on November 9, 2017, and run until April 1, 2018, at the Montreal gallery, displaying brand new works from multidisciplinary artists, visual artists, performers, musicians, writers and filmmakers that highlight "the important literary and musical achievements of Leonard Cohen and the huge impact he had."
Co-curated by John Zeppetelli and Victor Shiffman, the exhibit will feature works specially created for the show — and some of the contributing musical artists have just been revealed.
Jean Leloup, Ariane Moffatt and Lou Doillon will each contribute new interpretations of classic Cohen songs to the exhibition. A press release notes that visitors will be able to listen to the songs at the MAC throughout the duration of the show.
"I was taken by his strange melodies and would sit transfixed, as if in a trance for hours listening to his voice, which was then pretty nasal," Leloup said in a statement, reflecting on the influence Cohen's music had on him. "I will always remember that even though his music wasn't always joyful, it had a curious healing power, and was able to stop time."
Moffatt added, "What he embodied for me was the integration of great spirituality into his work and a disarming humility in the face of the mountain of effort it took to achieve Beauty."
Leonard Cohen – Une brèche en toute chose will open next fall in conjunction with Montreal's 375th anniversary celebrations. Find more information about the upcoming exhibition at the official MAC website.

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