Leeroy Stagger Everything Is Real

Who let Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen into Leeroy Stagger's body? Stagger's fourth studio release, Everything Is Real, captures a more mature sound than his earlier recordings, channelling a classic rock sound reminiscent of your dad's '70s record collection. The Lethbridge, AB native evokes the chest-bursting feeling of freedom that comes with popping a new record on the old player. Catchy lyrics smash wailing guitar riffs on "Hell Of A Life," while soft Americana tunes like "Brothers" and "Snowing In Nashville" give you a chance to piece together the heart that was shattered a few songs earlier. After experiencing a personal storm in 2008, the now-sober Stagger clearly knows what he wants out of life and he's here to get it. Soulful, thoughtful and downright genuine, Everything Is Real is one of Stagger's most intimate albums to date, giving fans one hell of a blast-from-the-past rock'n'roll listening experience at the same time. (Boompa)