Leeroy Stagger "Cities on Fire" (video)

Leeroy Stagger 'Cities on Fire' (video)
The Occupy movement isn't causing as much of a stir as it once did, but there are still folks who speak out in favour of the cause. This includes Alberta songwriter Leeroy Stagger, whose new video for "Cities on Fire" has a 99 percent-empowering message.

The heavy, rocking tune is made even more urgent by the accompanying clip, which uses raw cellphone footage of protests and images of revolutionary signs and slogans.

Stagger said in a statement, "Seeing as how we were making the record in the U.S., we couldn't help but feel the electricity in the air surrounding this movement. All across the country and back home in Canada groups were popping up and protests were being planned. Though the movement has somewhat died down a bit (in the mainstream press anyway), I am very proud of this song and the video that goes along with it. It's time for us to wake up and smell the revolution!"

"Cities on Fire" comes from Truth be Sold, due out on June 4 through Gold Lake Records. See Stagger's upcoming tour schedule here.