Lee Ranaldo "Angles" (video)

Lee Ranaldo 'Angles' (video)
Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo recently released the Exclaim!-approved Between the Tides and the Times, and he's following up lead single "Off the Wall" with a new clip for album tune "Angles."

The visuals show off some of Ranaldo's more unusual guitar work, like playing the axe with a bow -- that is when he isn't making the instrument levitate. It also stars Z Behl, a childhood friend of Ranaldo's, running about town in a frenzy.

The clip was directed by Ranaldo's wife Leah Singer, who told Vulture: "The swinging guitar pays homage to Lee's experimental work and Z Behl, the girl, has been a friend since she was a child. Josh and Brett from Red Bucket Films lend a hand. They worked with our kids on the feature film Daddy Longlegs. So it was a bit of a family affair."

Check out an interview with Ranaldo about his new album and the future of Sonic Youth over here, and watch the new video for "Angles" below.