Leatherface Announce Live Album

Leatherface Announce Live Album
Though last year we were treated to Leatherface's "heart-warming" yet "soul-crushing" The Stormy Petrel, it looks as if the long-running UK punkers have more in store for their fans. We've just learned that the gritty popsters will issue a live record this summer.

Titled Live in Melbourne: Viva La Arthouse, the new concert set captures the act dishing out a handful of classics at a recent gig at Aussie concert house the Arthouse. The epic, 19-song set list, which pulls from all areas of the band's decades-long career, will be released July 4 via a number of imprints, including a U.S. pressing on No Idea Records. Rubber Factory will be issuing the disc in Canada.

Believe it or not, there will also be a two-LP version that's pressed on ten colours: red, white, blue, green, clear, orange, purple, pink, lavender (opaque) and yellow (opaque). The press release tells us, "Yes. Totally not joking."

Check out the tracklisting below and the cover above.

Live in Melbourne: Viva La Arthouse:

1. "Not a Day Goes By"

2. "God is Dead"

3. "Watching You Sleep"

4. "Never Say Goodbye"

5. "Diego Garcia"

6. "Little White God"

7. "Peasant in Paradise"

8. "Hoodlum"

9. "Sour Grapes"

10. "Nutcase"

11. "My Worlds End"

12. "I Want the Moon"

13. "Broken"

14. "Not Superstitious"

15. "Pale Moonlight"

16. "Dead Industrial Atmosphere"

17. "Springtime"

18. "Hops & Barley"

19. "Hurt"