Dog Disco

BY Shawn MerrillPublished Jun 1, 2004

When listening to groups like Hot Water Music and Avail it seems apparent that their existence would be drastically different if they were never introduced to the songwriting genius that is Frankie Stubbs and Leatherface. That said, the world should be grateful that 16 years later he’s still writing for the well-oiled machine that is Leatherface, and that this year has produced the new album, Dog Disco. It’s been over ten years since their last release, Horsebox, and the band has endured many trials and tribulations during that time, but through it all they’ve come out shining. Album opener "Hoodlum” lays down the musical pathway, which is rich in melody, distortion, blissful self-destruction, and Frankie’s raspy Lemmy-esque vocals. The 12 tracks on Dog Disco prove once again why Stubbs remains one of the purest songwriters of our times. The power of the music and words he emanates display an honesty rarely seen in any artist, and it’s more than apparent in every word he sings that it’s truly coming straight from his heart.

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