Le Bataclan Promises to Reopen Following Deadly Paris Attack

Le Bataclan Promises to Reopen Following Deadly Paris Attack
Almost a week ago (November 13), Parisian venue Le Bataclan was the site of one of the worst tragedies in music history, as a terrorist attack during an Eagles of Death Metal show left 89 dead and 99 critically injured. As terrible as this incident was, the venue's co-manager has now confirmed that this won't be the end of Le Bataclan.

Speaking with Billboard, Dominique Revert invoked the Latin phrase "fluctuat nec mergitur," a Parisian motto than translates as "tossed but not sunk." This will be the venue's motto as they move forward.

"It will reopen, no question about it," Revert said. "Hearts will be heavy for a few months, a few years. But we will reopen. We will not surrender."

It's not exactly clear when the building will start hosting shows once again, however.

Le Bataclan first opened as a cafe, theatre and dance hall in 1864. It became a movie cinema in the early 20th century before being converted into the music club it is today in the late '60s. The venue had previously received threats due to having hosted pro-Israel events, but it's not clear if this was a factor in why ISIS targeted the venue for its recent attack.

The venue owners previously released a statement expressing their sadness, saying that authorities needed to work on the site and it wasn't yet possible for mourners to come visit.