Lauryn Hill's Ex-Guitarist Sues over Harassment, Unpaid Wages

Lauryn Hill's Ex-Guitarist Sues over Harassment, Unpaid Wages
While lately R&B diva Lauryn Hill has been experiencing a career-revitalizing, if not somewhat misunderstood, resurgence, a recent lawsuit filed by a former guitar player in Hill's band threatens to bring the singer's spirits down.

According to TMZ, six-stringer Jay Gore, who played with Hill on a 2007 European tour, is suing the singer over harassment issues and unpaid wages. The musician claims that Hill "stiffed him out of thousands of dollars," adding that he should be owed $3,600 in back wages.

As if not getting paid wasn't enough of an insult to Gore, he also added that Hill mistreated himself and countless other musicians on the tour. Speaking with XXL, Gore's lawyer Nicholas Andrea claimed that the songstress constantly harassed and critiqued her crew.

"After shows, Hill would demand that the musicians and road support personnel attend meetings where she would engage in a person-by-person critique and berating," Andrea explained. "At one point, Hill made a statement in front of the tour personnel to the effect that 'I can't believe I am paying you fools, you should be paying me.'"

Gore is seeking $23,600 over the owed wages, as well as $20,000 for punitive damages. The goal of the latter is to prevent Hill from abusing any more musicians.

"Ms. Hill is symptomatic of celebrities in general who feel that it's an honour just to be seen or play with them, and that they don't have to do the right thing to the people that they should be taking care of, and this lawsuit is a step to try to stop that kind of action," Andrea said.