Laser "Leaving It Too Late" (video)

Laser 'Leaving It Too Late' (video)
Lisa Lobsinger made a name for herself as a member of Broken Social Scene and Reverie Sound Revue, but with those groups (mostly) on hiatus, the singer is now heading up a new Toronto project called Laser. The video for their debut single, "Leaving It Too Late," has now arrived.

Laser features Lobsinger along with producers Paul Pfisterer (the Beauties) and Marty Kinack (Transistor Sound & Light Co). "Leaving It Too Late" describes a relationship that has passed its expiry date, and the arrangement builds up from dreamy creaks and twinkles to incorporate a buoyant dance beat. The accompanying visuals show Lobsinger singing along while being shrouded by disorienting coloured lights.

Laser have been working on an album in Kinack's remote forest studio outside of Toronto. "Leaving It Too Late" will appear on the LP.

The single officially drops tomorrow (August 28) on Foreseen Entertainment. Check out the video below, as well as a stream of the audio track. You can pre-order the song here on iTunes.