Laraw Shares Video for Anxious Anthem "This Is How I Lost My Friends"

Laraw Shares Video for Anxious Anthem 'This Is How I Lost My Friends'
Montreal singer-songwriter Laraw's inner demons take aim in the new video for her single "This Is How I Lost My Friends." No, literally: three frenemy-archers shoot her with their purple arrows.

In the clip, we see Laraw on the verge of tears as she narrates her wishes to be somebody else and apologizes for being overwhelmed; from band practice in her garage to the schoolyard, she's not fully present. Visibly consumed by the voices in her head, Laraw repeatedly asks the question: "What the fuck is the matter with me?"

Her sadness flips to anger like a switch with a climactic on-set eruption at a very meta video shoot (within the video shoot) for the final chorus. Laraw tears down curtains, spills craft services and shoves crew members out of her way before she and her fairy wings escape into the night — through faith, trust and pixie dust.

"I wanted the video to feel chaotic and stressful," the singer said in a statement. "You see me turn sadness into anger, and for me, it was the way to heal. Anger eventually turned into peace, and now I'm lonely but happier than ever."

Co-written and produced by Los Angeles-based Michael Adubato, "This Is How I Lost My Friends" borders on hyperpop with its racing pulse and vocal distortions. Anchored by an infectious clap track and Laraw's characteristic rawness behind the mic, the song is a relatable catharsis for mourning friendships dissolved in isolation.

Watch the video for "This Is How I Lost My Friends" below.