Lana Del Rey Criticized for Posting Video of Protestors Looting in Los Angeles

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 1, 2020

Several massive protests against police brutality took place over the weekend in cities all over the States and abroad in response to the death of George Floyd. In Los Angeles, celebrities came out in droves to support the cause, including Lana Del Rey — who is now being criticized for the way she used her platform to engage in the protest.

In a since-deleted post, Del Rey filmed nearly a minute-long video of looters at a strip mall, without covering or obscuring their faces and identifying features in any way. A number of artists and fans have criticized her for using her platform of 16.5 million Instagram followers to expose these people so publicly, suggesting that it is dangerous to do so.

Over the weekend, Kehlani and Tinashe were particularly vocal about the dangers Del Rey may have caused with the posts.

"@LanaDelRey please remove your Instagram post it's dangerous as fuck and a very poor choice of moments to post. by all means protest, but DO NOT endanger people with your very massive platform. oh and turn your fuckin comments on man," Kehlani wrote on Twitter.

"@LanaDelRey why the fuck are you posting people looting stores on your page literally WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM," added Tinashe.

The artists have deleted their posts overnight, but the screenshots remain. Lana Del Rey's Instagram stories also remain posted, but no looters are implicated in those shots. Instead, photos of protestors and one selfie of the artist remain.

Del Rey's latest controversy follows an incident from late last month in which Del Rey was accused of racism for calling out Cardi B, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Kehlani. Her first response to the accusations was to double down and demand that no one "ever ever ever call [her] racist."

See Twitter's reactions to her most recent controversy below.

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