​Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks Are Fighting About Kanye West on Twitter

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Oct 10, 2018

Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks are getting into it on Twitter — and it seems the fight stemmed from their differing opinions about Kanye West.
Del Rey publicly denounced the rapper after he wore a MAGA hat on Saturday Night Live, and Banks unleashed a flurry of tweets criticizing Del Rey a couple weeks back.
Now, Banks has apparently taken the opportunity to reconnect with West, and Del Rey has spoken up to defend herself.
Del Rey suggested that Banks "say it to my face," and warned, "I won't not fuck you the fuck up."
Banks then went in on the singer, savagely criticizing her looks.
It got even uglier when Del Rey replied by offering Banks her surgeon's number and taking jabs at Banks' mental health.
Banks even threatened legal action against Del Rey, but the singer didn't seem too concerned.
Both women have ceased the public Twitter battle for the time being, though we're not really sure if and how the respective artists' legal teams will get in between them and reach a solution.

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