Lana Del Rey "Ride" (video)

Lana Del Rey 'Ride' (video)
Clearly, Lana Del Rey takes the medium of the music video very seriously. She's already rolled out a number of clips from this year's Born to Die, and now she's unveiled the visual accompaniment to "Ride" from the deluxe edition of that same album.

The clip is an ambitious 10-minute affair that's closer to a short film than a standard music video. Written by Lana herself and directed by Anthony Mandler, it stars the singer as a freedom-seeking wild child who hangs around with biker dudes and rides a massive tire swing that's mysteriously hanging in the middle of the desert.

The clip also includes some lengthy monologues by Lana. If you're one of those who has accused her of having more style than substance, this live-fast-die-young clip probably won't change your mind.