Lamb of God Manager Gives Update on Randy Blythe's Arrest

Lamb of God Manager Gives Update on Randy Blythe's Arrest
Following Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe's arrest on manslaughter charges in Prague last week, the singer's had his bail posted, but he's still in the Czech Republic. The band's manager Larry Mazer confirmed as much to Czech publication [via Blabbermouth], adding that the current investigation into the incident "may take up to 20 days."

"The bail [in the amount of $200,000] was posted Tuesday morning [July 3]," Mazer explained. "We tried to make bail on Monday, but everything took a bit longer to be processed. Randy should be released immediately. His lawyer told us so on Saturday [during a court hearing]. In the U.S., he would have been. You post the bail and you're free."

Blythe was arrested on June 27 over allegations that he shoved a 19-year-old fan off a stage at a show at Prague's Abaton club in 2010. The fall allegedly caused a brain hemorrhage that left the fan in a coma, and he died 14 days after the incident.

According to Mazer, neither he nor the band heard about the incident until they arrived in Prague last week.

"My contact information is publicly available, but I never heard from the family [of the deceased fan]," Mazer stated. "The organizer of the concert at Abaton now says that the Czech police contacted him three months after the boy died. I do not understand why no one got in touch with us to let us know. The boy was in a coma and then he died, and we never heard from anybody."

Footage from the concert has surfaced that shows a figure being forced from the stage by both a security guard and Blythe, but Mazer points out that "there is no footage of the man falling to the ground. He fell into the crowd, but you can't see that in the video."

It's still unclear at this point whether the fan in the video is the stage jump in question.

Whatever the outcome of the case, it looks as if Blythe will be in the Czech Republic longer than the group had thought, a concept Mazer is still trying to process.

"Everybody is shocked. It's absurd. It seems like a bad joke that Randy is sitting in your jail. He did nothing wrong. He is innocent."