Lamb of God Fan Sues Live Nation over Concert Injury

Lamb of God Fan Sues Live Nation over Concert Injury
Photo: Benoit Turcotte
A Lamb of God fan who sustained spinal injuries at one of the group's concerts is suing promotion giant Live Nation for allegedly neglecting to provide "adequate security."

TMZ reports that concertgoer William Tarantino has filed suit against Live Nation for more than $75,000 over injuries sustained at a November 2012 concert at Wallingford, CT's Oakdale Theatre. The suit explains that Tarantino was trampled by other fans during Lamb of God's performance.

It notes that Tarantino purchased a standing-room ticket to the show and had been in the "designated area" of the venue when he was "violently knocked to the ground and trampled, sustaining… severe [and] painful injuries… some of which are permanent."

His injuries are said to include "multiple traumatic fractures of the cervical spine requiring surgical fusion; bruises and contusions about the head, neck, body and limbs; permanent impairment of the cervical spine; permanent disfiguring scarring of the neck; bi-lateral shoulder pain; upper back pain; and a severe shock to his nervous system, including a temporary inability to stand or walk after the event."

According to the lawsuit, Live Nation showed "negligence and carelessness" by not providing "adequate security" at the venue to have prevented the trampling, and that the promoters "should have known that the patrons attending the Lamb of God concert event were prone to altercations and/or creating conditions that posed a danger to the safely of other patrons."

While Tarantino is targeting Live Nation for his injuries, Lamb of God were not named in the lawsuit.

The metal band, however, have made headlines before for their aggressive concerts. The stagediving death of a Czech concertgoer in 2010 led to vocalist Randy Blythe being charged with manslaughter, but the singer was found not guilty of the charges in 2013.