​Lady Gaga Says She's "Pregnant" with a New Album

​Lady Gaga Says She's 'Pregnant' with a New Album
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had everyone whispering about a rumoured romance after their steamy Oscars performance of "Shallow," but after shutting down that idea, rumours that the singer is pregnant with his child nevertheless started to swirl. Well, Gaga has put a stop to that idea as well, announcing instead that she's "pregnant" with a new album.
She tweeted, "Rumors I'm pregnant? Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6."
Unfortunately for eager fans, Gaga didn't mention how far along her sixth studio album is (or what the gestation period will be), but it should be reassuring to know that it's at least in the works.
Gaga's last studio album, Joanne, arrived in 2016.
Since then, she starred in A Star Is Born alongside Cooper, and released the accompanying soundtrack. "Shallow" from the OST won Best Original Song at the Oscars last month.

She's also currently in the midst of a Las Vegas residency featuring two separate shows.